For almost 90 years, Weleda has produced anthroposophic medicines and skin care products based on herbs, minerals, natural plant oils and genuine essential oils. A holistic view of man and the interaction with nature has been central ever since Rudolf Steiner helped found Weleda in Switzerland in 1921.

Over these years, Weleda has built up considerable knowledge of the active ingredients found in nature. This knowledge forms the basis for Weleda's product development. Whenever possible, plants that are biodynamic or organically grown are used.

One of the most well-known ranges from Weleda is the Skin Food range. This is recognized by makeup artists and stylists all over the world and has won several international awards.

All raw materials undergo strict quality controls. Weleda's products contain only natural active substances that work on the skin. The end products are carefully controlled and undergo extensive dermatological and clinical tests. Neither the raw materials used nor the products have been tested on animals.