Caviar is natural and organic skin care produced in Denmark. Vitalkost carries Day/Night cream, face/eye serum and anti-pigment serum.

Caviar Anti-Age Day Cream is a moisture-saturating cocktail of over 20 active ingredients, which rejuvenates the skin's cells and noticeably reduces the skin's signs of ageing. Extract from prickly pear cactus helps the skin retain moisture and forms a protective filter (against environmental influences). Silk protein makes melanin production more efficient and increases the protein in the skin, which gives the skin elasticity and effectively repairs damaged skin cells. The skin is left soft and tight.

Caviar Anti-Age Night Cream tightens and lifts the skin with the help of caviar, which rejuvenates the skin's cells and noticeably improves the skin's signs of ageing. Wheat germ and soy germ extract lift the skin and make it firmer, and at the same time reduce lines in the skin. Shea butter has been added, which recreates the skin's softness and suppleness. Suitable for wrinkles around the lips and on the face.

Caviar Anti-Age Eye Serum can quickly reduce bags and fine lines around the eyes, as well as reduce dark circles. The serum gives a pleasant and firming effect almost immediately, but will also be a good long-term treatment. The product is made with organic Aloe Vera (instead of water) to add plenty of moisture to the skin. The serum is completely paraben-free and can be used by everyone. It is made on the basis of Caviar, which has a high content of Vitamins A, D, B1, B2 and B6.

Caviar Anti-Age Pigment Serum is used to reduce pigment spots. The active ingredients in the serum correct the pigment so that the spots become less visible or disappear completely. The serum contains extract of leaves from the evergreen dwarf shrub arvtostaphylos uva-ursi, which has a high content of arbutin and antioxidants. In addition, acerola and citrus fruits are added to achieve a high content of vitamin C.

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