The Transparency Act

The Transparency Act (Act on corporate transparency and work with fundamental human rights and decent working conditions (Transparency Act) - Lovdata/) came into force in Norway on July 1, 2022, and set new requirements for companies' transparency and work on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in business relationships and supply chains. The Act also aims to ensure public access to information about these issues and how companies handle them. The Act introduces a duty to respond to inquiries from organizations, consumers and others about specific risk issues.

You can find more information about how we work with Vitalkost in the documents below.

Codes of Conduct

Human Rights Policy

Speak Up Policy

Humble Group Annual Report 2022 


Vitalkost is in the process of becoming BRC certified - BRC is an international standard for food safety. The standard is a quality and risk assessment system that monitors suppliers with criteria within sustainability, quality system, geographical risks, business ethics, anti-corruption, health and food safety. In BRC, the HACCP principle is used for product mapping and risk assessment. The same type of risk assessment system is used when assessing our suppliers to ensure that they all meet the specified criteria for quality, environment and sustainability.