Vitalkost markets leading products under its own brand as well as international brands within the categories of dietary supplements, food products and skin care/cosmetics.

Organic, biodynamic, gluten-free or vegetarian foods from Kolonihagen, Holle, Biona, Purasana and WayBetter and organic skin care products from Weleda. Among our nutritional supplements, the Shift series, AminoJern, Femarelle, Kyolic and Ester-C are the best known.

Our roots go back to 1976, and since then Vitalkost has been a leading supplier of organic and sustainable products within food, health and beauty.

Today, the company appears as a reputable supplier of finer organic foods and nutritional supplements, based on reliable scientific documentation.

Our products are sold in a varied selection through grocery stores, health food retailers, delicatessens, organic shops, convenience stores, pharmacies and in online stores.

Our new solar panel saves the environment

Power Comparison

All 2023

Jan 24

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CO2 Reduced


Deforestation reduced

44124 kg

Standard Coal Saved