British Clipper Tea is a tea producer of the rare kind. Unsurpassed in terms of quality, dedicated production and product range. Clipper has won awards for taste and quality every year since 2006 in both gold and silver. The teas are characterized by their very simple and clean taste. You simply get what you read on the packaging. If you open a tea bag of chamomile tea from Clipper, the contents will be clearly light and yellow. Only flower petals are used here. Clipper buys the raw materials mostly once a year when it is in season and the raw materials are of optimal quality.

It is then sealed and put into storage until it is used in production. only then are the sacks opened one by one. This means that Clipper has 10-12 months of stock of the same raw material, which is very expensive. But only in this way can they guarantee top quality all year round. This they believe is worth the cost.

As a consumer, this is tasted at the first cup.