aminoJern is Vitalkost's own brand and has been on the market for many years.

aminoIron 25 mg builds up iron stores effectively and is absorbed in the body up to four times better than traditional iron supplements. aminoIron does not normally cause troublesome side effects such as nausea, sluggish or loose stomach. You can take it whenever you want and preferably with food. Unlike traditional iron supplements, it does not inhibit the absorption of food. The effect is good, regardless. Moreover, amino iron does not contain any animal ingredients and can therefore be used by everyone.

The patented iron compound in aminoJern Ferrochel® is developed and patented by Albion Laboratories Inc. USA. Ferrochel has been scientifically documented through a number of clinical studies in terms of efficacy, side effects and safety. Ferrochel has Gras status, which means that the iron compound is considered safe and harmless by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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