Middle Earth

Middle Earth produces tomato sauces and passata (tomato puree) of a completely exceptional quality.
Unlike other producers, Middle Earth grows all its vegetables and herbs itself, and therefore has full control over all stages of the process from seed to finished product. With the factory located in the immediate vicinity, all transport and intermediate storage is avoided. Less than three hours after the tomatoes are picked, they are further processed!

Everything is hand-picked when it is fully ripe and this is what gives the unique fresh and sweet taste.

The tomato sauce is based on traditional Italian recipes with an emphasis on simple purity. The natural taste of the ingredients really comes into its own! Middle Earth uses only fresh herbs, and almost no salt. The tomato sauces are organic, biodynamic and carry the Demeter label. The labels have a lovely design and are very beautiful!

Middle Earth also has organic pesto of absolutely exceptional quality.