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TOFUTOWN is a producer of pure plant-based and organic food that is sold all over the world. The food is produced at three different locations in Germany and distributed in Europe and abroad. They also have a facility in Virginia, USA. Our production facilities are certified according to the highest food standards, IFS, GFSI, USDA ORGANIC, ORGANIC, VEGAN; DEMETER..

TOFUTOWN has several different products, including tofu, vegan sausages, plant-based beef and vegan nuggets. All products are 100% organic and contain organically grown soy. All products from Tofutown are always freshly made with locally harvested organic ingredients, and have a high protein content. The products are stored in unique and renewable packaging which means they have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months.

TOFUTOWN started making tofu in 1981, before the introduction of so-called ‘TECHNO FOOD’. Artificial products and additives were introduced and put the food industry on the wrong track. TOFUTOWN has always chosen its own path and respects our core values; NATURAL – ORGANIC AND VEGAN products!