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NEWS! SHIFT Melatonin

Shift™ Melatonin is a dietary supplement for easier falling asleep and better sleep quality. The melatonin raw material is combined with a technology called N-Dur XR™, where melatonin is released over a longer period in the body which can provide a sleep-inducing effect for up to 6 hours.

News! Shift CBD Magnesium Oil

It’s finally here!

The first of its kind on the Norwegian market. SHIFT CBD Magnesium oil is a cosmetic product to be sprayed and smeared on the skin. As the name suggests, the product contains magnesium and a substance called cannabidiol, also called CBD. Together, these can create a unique synergistic effect when applied.

femarelle - a well-documented dietary supplement for menopause symptoms

The Femarelle series consists of 3 products, which are adapted to the various phases women go through during menopause. The main active ingredient in all products is extracted from fermented soy and is called DT56a.

shift vegan omega 3

NEWS! SHIFT Vegan Omega-3

SHIFT Vegan Omega-3 consists of oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. which is naturally very rich in the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA. Algae oil contains more than twice as much omega-3, compared to a natural fish oil or a seal oil.

Now kyolic AGE changes design!

We want to present Kyolic AGE in a clearer way, as well as give the brand a more modern expression. The product is the same, where production, quality, effect and safety are of course continued. The new boxes are phased in as the current ones run out. Kyolic AGE 90 tABL is first out and will be delivered from now on.

The products for a better quality of life

Interview in Det Norske Bransje magazine. Vitalkost brings innovative, natural products of high quality to health-conscious consumers. Read the entire interview with Totto Solvang at the following link.

shift sym milk and gluten

NEWS! SHIFT Zym Milk and Gluten

SHIFT™ Zym Milk & Gluten is a supplement that contains vegetable digestive enzymes for the effective breakdown of gluten, lactose and milk protein.

WEIGHT LOSS With documented effect

Fast track (Slendacore™ in the USA) is documented to be effective through several clinical studies.

Make super delicious smoothies?

Purasana is a large series of organic and raw superfood from Belgian Biovita. Here you will find everything from acai powder and cranberries, to cacao nibs, inca berries and hemp seeds. The series includes exciting mixes for both slimming and detox, – but also a number of variants that may not be so common.

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